Final Exam Schedule

Final Exam Schedule
Final Exam Schedule

June is quickly approaching which brings about exams and the end of the school year. This year, exams will take place Friday, June 15th and Monday, June 18 – Wednesday, June 20.  The last day of school will be June 20th with dismissal at 12:10.  Exams can often be a stressful time for students as they reflect on their learning.  It is important to allow students time and supports to prepare for their exams.  

ORHS will have relearning and review days on June 13th and 14th.    The Wednesday and Thursday prior to exam week students will follow their normal schedule but will be engaged in relearning, review and enrichment.  No tests, quizzes and other assessments/summatives are to be given and no new material is to be taught.  New assessments/summatives do not include administering a section of an exam (oral exams in WL or project presentations).  This is an opportunity for student relearning, review and enrichment.  This is also an opportunity for teachers to support and guide students as they prepare for their exams.

Final Exam Schedule


Block I Exam


Block II Exam

Friday, June 15

A(8:15 – 10:00)

Break(10:00 – 10:30)

B(10:30 – 12:15)

Monday, June 18

C(8:15 – 10:00)

Break(10:00 – 10:30)

D(10:30 – 12:15)

Tuesday, June 19

E(8:15 – 10:00)

Break(10:00 – 10:30)

F(10:30 – 12:15)

Wednesday, June 20

G(8:15 – 10:00)

Break (10:00-10:20)

Make-up * (10:20 – 12:05)


Exam Reminders

  1. Utilize our ORHS libguide to support studying for exams:
  2. We will have an additional bus run after exams for students to return home early.
  3. Lunch is served daily at 12:10.
  4. Buses:June 15, June 18 and June 19 will have 12:20 and 3:05 buses.There will only be one bus at 12:05 on June 20th as this is an early release day.
  5. All classes will meet during the exam block.
  6. Students are to remain in the exam rooms during the entire exam period.
  7. Students who are absent from their assigned exam need to make up the exam on Friday during the make-up period.
  8. Extended time is limited to double the exam period – 3.5 hours.
  9. Study halls do not meet during exams.
  10. Students who are not able to attend an exam or are requesting to change the date or time of an exam must speak with the teacher and an administrator.

Exam Preparation Tips

  • Utilize our libguide:
  • Get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast or snack prior to the exam
  • Preparation can reduce anxiety and stress
  • “Make a Plan” - Organize your studying ahead of time
    • Look at your schedule and spread out study time in realistic chunks
    • Determine what material will be covered and how the test will be formatted (types of questions)
    • Locate all resources (make sure you have the materials you need)
    • Use the study tools that are best for you (flash cards, reviewing notes, completing simulated problems or questions…)
    • Seek help when needed
  • Do something relaxing prior to the exam such as listening to music or meditating

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns regarding exams.  Teachers, counselors and the administrative team are all here to work with students as they make their way through exams. 

Suzanne Filippone
ORHS Principal