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Oyster River High School has a graduation requirement of three credits in mathematics. The mathematics department encourages all students to develop a four-year plan of study in cooperation with their mathematics teachers.

Grades, except where noted, will be based on class performance, daily homework assignments, laboratory activities, projects, quizzes and tests. It is recommended that students who receive grades lower than a C- retake the course to strengthen their knowledge and skills. Course prerequisites MUST be met before any course may be taken. Seniors may petition to enroll in a non-accelerated course with a D in the prerequisite course.

In all mathematics courses the student is responsible for all required working materials such as NOTEBOOKS, PENCILS, RULERS, COMPASSES, PROTRACTORS, AND CALCULATORS.


Katie Johnson
Peter Harwood
Brendan Whalen
William Reeves
Andrea Drake
Chris Kearney
Lisa Hallbach Vivian Jablonski
Erica Cooke
Linda Grieve