Special Education

Special Education
Missing from picture: Jennifer McGuinness

The Oyster River Cooperative School District makes available a free, appropriate public education to all children ages 3 to 21 who have been determined to have a disability. The services provided address each child's identified special education and related service needs. Services and placement within the least restrictive environment are determined in response to the child's unique needs and continue until the student has earned a regular diploma or reaches age 21, whichever occurs first.

Students with educational disabilities are defined as those who:

  • Have one or more educational disability, as defined under Federal and State Regulations, and
  • Have any unique educational needs which require special education or special education and related services.


Melissa Jean- Assistant Director of Special Education

Anne Golding - Special Educator 

Estie Ott/Sabrina Rivers- Special Educator

Alexander Satterfield - Special Educator

Heather Stanley - Special Educator

Amy Therrien - Special Educator

Dan Chick - Special Educator

Nicole Casimiro - Special Educator

Sandra Devins - Transition Coordinator

Alissa Clark-Special Educator

Anna Goscinski-Special Educator

Jenn McGuinness - Special Educator - Reading

David Geschwendt - School Psychologist

Emily Booth in for Emily Johnson - Speech/Language Pathologist

Hannah Cunningham-School Psychologist

Karyn Laird-Administrative Assistant to Melissa Jean