Advisory at Oyster River High School

Advisory Mission Statement

The purpose of Advisory is to promote a safe and nurturing community at Oyster River High School where the uniqueness of each member is valued. Advisory will support the school mission statement with particular emphasis on strengthening student and teacher relationships, providing academic support for students, and developing a positive school environment.

Advisory …

Builds a positive school culture

Provides students with an adult advocate

Supports students in academics and social-emotional wellness

Fosters relationships among our entire student body

Provides a stable, small group community

Advisor Expectations

The Advisor creates an environment in which students know that they have an advocate, a mentor, and a go-to person for any issue or question that they might encounter in their high school careers. The Advisor is a point of contact for students when they have questions. The Advisor may not have all of the answers, but can at least help to brainstorm possible solutions or draw other people into the conversation. The Advisor also helps to monitor progress in academics, as well as act as another person who may be able to help students with issues outside of academics.

The Advisor…

Cares about their Advisees

Creates a low-stakes friendly space

Supports the whole student

Includes all students

Mentors students

Heads the Advisory community

Seeks support to maintain positive Advisory community