Athletic Alumni


Name Year of Graduation School attended, Sport and link to webpage
    Women's Soccer
Biz Allen  2003  Franklin Pierce University
Laura Bernette  2004  Willams College 
Becca Murphy 2013 University of New England
Kayli Igoe 2013 University of New Hampshire
Megan Comeau 2012 University of Tampa
Laura Comeau 2004 Virginia
Caitlin Guarino 2006 Quinnipiac
Jessica Roeder 2006 Connecticut College 
Sarah Roeder 2006 Providence College
Eliza Roy-Webb 2009 Plymouth State
Karen Pavilidis 2010 Keene State
Carol Messler 2010 Plymouth State
Ashley Watson   Skidmore College

Men's Soccer
Gordon Tuttle 1975 University of New Hampshire
Jack Edwards 1975 University of New Hampshire
Scott MacHardy 1985 Babson College
Kevin Hegerty 1985 Syracuse University 
Bryan Rief 1985 Tufts University
Jeff Jacobson 1985 Trinity College
Geoff Fitzgerald 1985 Holy Cross
Jeff Kertzer 1986 University of New Hampshire
Greg Healy 1986 Marist University
Cleveland Howard 1987 University of New Hampshire
Mark Gwinn 1988  Bates College 
Marc Hubbard 1999 Colgate University
Zac Simmons 2004
Mattew Silverman  2016  St. Joseph's College 
Griffin Luczek  2016  Eastern Connecticut State University 
Anson Thibault  2017  Eastern Nazarene University 
Nicolas Cornejo  2019  Plymouth State  
Tucker Henry  2019  St. Anselm College 
Reed Leader 2020 St. Anselm College
Caden Leader 2021 St. Anselm College
Women's Basketball
Jody Mooradian 1977 Mary Washington College
Jen Friel 2002 University of New Hampshire
Britney Cross 2003 U. of Vermont
Jill Friel 2009 University of New Hampshire
Nicole Casimiro 2007 Mount Ida College
Sara Messler  2016  St. Anselm College 
Carissa Miller  2021  Keene State 

Men's Basketball
Randy Kinzly 1977 University of New Hampshire
Steve Bamford 1961 Plymouth State University
John Friermuth 1988 Saint Anslem
Pat Casey 1989 Middlebury College
Allan Conlon 1992 Plymouth State
Keith Friel 1996 U. of Virginia 
Greg Friel 1997 Dartmouth College
Jeremy Friel 2001 University of New Hampshire
Pat Galvin 1981 University of New Hampshire
Mike Whaley 1977 Lyndon State College
Tommy McDonnell 2010 University of New Hampshire Men's Basketball
Adam Goodwin 2011 Plymouth State Men's Basketball
Kyle Landrigan  2019  Colby Sawyer College 
Joe Morrell  2020 St. John Fisher

Women's Volleyball
Jessica Whalen 1996 University of New Hampshire 
Michelle Hobbs 2010 Wentworth Women's Volleyball
Leah Janelle 2011 University of New England Women's Volleyball
Brianna Datti 2011 University of Connecticut Women's Volleyball
Hannah Finch 2011 Wesleyan College Women's Volleyball
Brenna Walzcak 2014 Colby Sawyer College 
Samantha Walker  2016  Plymouth State University 
Cassidy Gibb  2019  University of Southern Maine 
Maggie Sylvester  2021  St. Josephs College 

Women's Lacrosse
Julia Kincade 2004 Springfield College
Andrea Berlin 2004 St. Anselm College
Michelle Crothers 2006 Tufts University Women's Lacrosse
Sarah Lamb 2006 Whittier College Women's Lacrosse
Reegan Carbone 2008 Guilford Colege Women's Lacrosse
Carol Messler 2010 Plymouth State Women's Lacrosse
Emily Rodgers 2011 Springfield College Women's Lacrosse
Alison Marshall  2019  Assumption College 
Gabbie Haug  2019  Lycoming College 
    Men's Lacrosse
Mark Gwinn  1988  Bates College 
Elliot Davis  2008  Johnson State 
John Petrovitis  2008  Castleton State 
Brendan McKenna  2015  Green Mountain College 
Max Litchfield  2018  Lasell College 
Nick Ackerman  2018  Rivier University 
Hayden Marshall  2021  St. Anselm College
Ethan Todd  2021  Rivier University 

Men's Ice Hockey
Andrew Evans 1996 Princeton University Men's Ice Hockey
Ben Pullar 2006 St. Michaels College Men's Ice Hockey
Tyler Willson 2006 University of New Hampshire Men's Club Hockey
Blake Janelle 2007 University of New Hampshire Men's Club Hockey
Chris MacArthur 2007 Salve Regina Men's Ice Hockey
Sean Leahy 2010 University of New Hampshire Men's Club Hockey
Ryan Randall 2010 University of New Hampshire Men's Ice Hockey
Jamie Wilkinson 2010 University of New Hampshite Men's Club Hockey

Women's Ice Hockey
Julie Sasner 1984 Harvard University
Sadie Wright-Ward 2003 University of New Hampshire Women's Ice Hockey
Andrea Berlin 2004 St. Anselm College Women's Ice Hockey
Marissa Biederman 2012 University of New England

Track and Field
Alison Poulin 1988 University of New Hampshire
Ethan Druskat 2012 Colby College
Natalie Bilynski  2012  University of New Hampshire
Neville Caufield   2016  University of Vermont 
Dominique Twombly 2016 University of Rhode Island
Maegan Doody 2016 Georgetown University
Patrick O'Brien  2017  Dartmouth College 
Amelia Concannon 2019 University of Maine 
Corinne Quaglieri  2020 University of New Haven
Myles Carrico  2020 Coastal Carolina
Noah Hall  2020 Southern Connecticut

Field Hockey
Julia Kincade 2004 Springfield College
Cameron Jester  2020 Simmons University
Leah Manning 2020 Mt Holyoke College
Laura Dreher  2020 Smith College

Swimming and Diving
Becky (Kast) Hecox 1979 University of Texas
Tommy Duvall 2011 US Naval Academy
Jack Lewis 2011 Springfield College
Joe Lane 2012 US Naval Academy
Alex Jones 2012 Hamilton College
Emma Rotner 2012 Connecticut College
Eleanor Zwart  2018  Dartmouth College 

Tom Connor 1977 University of New Hampshire
Rich Lawton 1977 U. South Carolina-Aiken
Bob Connor 1980 University of New Hampshire
Aaron Weitzman 2005 University of Pittsburg-Greensburg
Casey Aubin 2015 UMASS
Brennen Oxford 2018 Wake Forest University 
Tyler McKenna  2018  St. Joseph's College 
Owen Tonkin  2019  SNHU 
Max Lewis  2019  Nichols College 
Caitlyn Miller  2016  Plymouth State University 
Madison Brown-Bloom  2019 Elmira College
Jackie Carter  2019  United States Coast Guard Academy 
Jadyn Cunningham  2020 University of Southern Maine
Carissa Miller  2021  Keene State 
Cross Country
Marina Slavin  2011  University of New Hampshire 
Gubby Noronha  2011 Georgetown University 
Drew Thibault  2014  Grove City 
Neville Caufield  2016  University of Vermont 
Patrick O'Brien  2017  Dartmouth College
Kieran Murphy 2018  University of Southern New Hampshire 
Max Stenslie  2018  Quinnipiac University 
Madison Hoppler 2020 University of New Hampshire 
Lily Doody  2020 University of New Hampshire
Noah Hall 2020 Southern Connecticut
Andrew O'Brien  2021  Cornell University 
Owen Fleischer  2021  University of Rhode Isalnd 
Marlee Yoder  2021  University of Maine 

Danika Harris  1990  Princeton University (US Olympian) 
Connor Grove 2013 Connecticut College
Erik Frid 2010  Ithaca College 
Anastasia Szymanski  2019  Fairfield University 

Women's Tennis
Jody Mooradian 1977 Mary Washington College
Marian Bulkley 2020 Springfield College
    Men's Tennis 
Henry Bulkley  2018  Oberlin College 

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