Student Activities

Community Service Program:This program includes a wide variety of opportunities for service in the local towns and the greater Seacoast region. All activities are organized on a schedule -- monthly, bi-monthly or seasonally -- with student coordinators taking on a peer leadership role in each area. Come join and make a difference! Advisor:Sue Wilkinson

Drama Club:What we do: We share our love of theater by doing scenes, playing improvisation games, hosting a murder mystery or cabaret, fund raising to go see a show, and learning new skills such as stage combat and juggling. Advisor: Meredith Freeman-Caple

French Club:Le Cercle Francais is a great way to get together with other students, practice French and enjoy activities including film nights, fundraising for a worthy project, seasonal fetes, community service and more. All students of French are welcome. Ici, on parle francais Advisors: French Teachers

French Honor Society: La Societe Honoraire de Francais recognizes those students who have excelled in their study of French in high school. A student must have completed six quarters of French with an A- average, and must have a B+ average in all other subjects in order to meet the scholastic requirements for election. Induction in the Society takes place third quarter during an evening ceremony. Advisors: French Teachers

Game Club:Advisor: Trevor Garman

Gay Straight Alliance: Group meets weekly to discuss ways of reaching out to student body for educational purposes, i.e. film nights, history banner, discuss curriculum ideas with English teachers (some of last year’s activities).Advisor: Karen VanDyke

Granite State Challenge/Quiz Bowl: This club is an academic competition among NH high schools which is organized by Channel 11 in Durham. Schools are invited to participate in alternate years. Teams consist of four members and two alternates who are selected after a series of tryouts. Advisor: John Monahan

Great Bay Coastal Watch: Currently, the GBCW is New Hampshire’s most wide-ranging program for direct citizen involvement in monitoring estuarine and coastal waters. Volunteers include adults from all occupations, as well as students and teachers from local schools. The GBCW mission gives it three specific goals: To monitor the chemical, physical, and biological systems of the New Hampshire coastal waters and the Great Bay Estuarine System. To educate residents of New Hampshire’s coastal and estuarine communities about the ecological status and protection of these seacoast systems, and to develop a management structure that engages volunteers in all aspects of the GBCW and continuously improves the quality of the monitoring and education projects.Advisors: Jon Bromley

Interact: Interact is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young people ages 14-18. The program gives students an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service projects while developing leadership skills and meeting new friends. Through service activities, Interact members learn the importance of developing leadership skills and personal integrity; demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others; and advancing international understanding and goodwill. Advisor:

Literary Arts Magazine: The Literary Arts Magazine is a collection of student artwork and writing. Submissions are reviewed anonymously and on an individual basis by a friendly, non-biased staff and are selected to reflect Oyster River students' diverse styles of expression. We basically get together to read student writing and look at student artwork that gets submitted and decide what to publish. Then we lay out the magazine using PageMaker and send it to print! It’s a really fun group of kids who love writing and artwork of all sorts. Advisor: Corey Blais and Kara Sullivan


Math Team:A group of students who participate in mathematics competitions with other high school teams from NH, ME, and MA twice a month from October through April. Individual students are recognized for their achievements at each meet as well as teams for their participation throughout the season. Advisors: Andrea Drake & Katie Johnson

Mouth of the River: We create and publish the high school newspaper. We are a class who meets during B period. Our mission is to inform, enlighten and entertain the Oyster River community through quality journalism. Advisor: Shawn Kelly

National Honor Society: The National Honor Society is an organization that was developed to acknowledge high school students who have exemplified themselves in four characteristics : Character, Service, Leadership, and Scholarship. Unlike an ordinary honor roll, NHS is a national organization that promotes academic excellence and service to one's community and high school. Advisors:Celeste Best

PIT:Pit is a group of 10 or so students that organize coffee houses/open mike nights here at school. They meet every Tuesday after school. Advisor:

Prom Committee:Advisors: Barbara Milliken

Race, Unity, and Diversity: Organize public programs and activities that promote a more tolerant atmosphere; last year they were instrumental in helping with the Peace Conference.Advisor: Karen VanDyke

Rock For Darfur: Rock For Darfur is an annual concert organized by students to raise awareness and money for the people of the Darfur Region of Sudan. The concert takes place each spring and consists of live music usually performed by student groups/performers. Advisor: Kara Sullivan

Russian Exchange: Students and staff involved in the Russian Exchange program raise money, host Russians, maintain public relations, travel to Russia and do various public programs for classes and schools. Advisors: Shauna Horlsey, Heather Machanoff, Matt Pappas, Marjke Yatsevich

Student Senate: The Senate is composed of students and faculty to establish rules of individual and group conduct relating to school life; foster a positive learning and social environment through programs, policies, events and activities; represent the view and concerns of students, faculty, and community members and adopt measures to promote appropriate, positive participation in the school community; work with the administration and faculty to support the district mission statement; and provide student voice in the decisions being made within the high school. The Senate has a representative that sits on the school board and informs them and the community of their progress. All students are elected and have the responsibility to serve their class and the school as a whole. Advisor: Derek Cangello

Spanish Club: El Club de Espanol is a great way to get together with other students, practice Spanish and enjoy doing some activities including film nights, fundraising for a worthy overseas project, seasonal fiestas, community service and more. All students of Spanish are welcome. Aqui se habla espanol! Advisors: Spanish Teachers

Spanish Honor Society: La Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica recognizes those students who have excelled in their study of Spanish in high school. A student must have either completed two and one-quarter years of Spanish with an A average, or three and one-quarter years with a B+ average in order to meet the scholastic requirements for election. All members are expected to offer their tutoring services in Spanish during one quarter of any year of membership. Advisors: Spanish Teachers

Yearbook: The yearbook is a school publication that reflects the school year and everyone who played a role in shaping it. It is the responsibility of the yearbook staff to publish a book that represents all students from various grades and social groups, that celebrates highlights from the year in an accurate, ethical, and appealing manner. Students enrolled in the yearbook publications course shoulder the majority of responsibility for this publication. These students work frequently outside the school day to meet deadlines and cover extracurricular and social events. Students who are not enrolled in the course but who are interested in contributing to the publication are encouraged to attend yearbook club meetings after-school. Students can also submit photos, story ideas, and other materials to yearbook staff representatives. Advisor: Karen Van Dyke

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