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Open Campus Spring 2021
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Open Campus/Parent Dismissal
Grade 11 and 12 Only
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Open Campus/Parent Dismissal during free periods and lunch is being offered to 11th and 12th grade students during the Full Day 50% Hybrid Model for the sole purpose of reducing the number of students in the building,  especially during lunch times when students need to remove their masks to eat and drink. Our students are expected to conduct themselves as responsible citizens when off campus and follow all school rules and district policies.

Rules Regarding Open Campus:

  1. Students must sign out and sign back in through the school check-in system in the main office each time they leave the building
  2. Students must exit and re-enter through the main entrance.
  3. Students should not transport other students in their vehicle when leaving the building for Open Campus (unless they are a sibling or member of carpool who also has parental permission)
  4. Students must leave campus after signing out
  5. Students must return in time for the start of their classes
  6. Students should adhere to all ORCSD COVID-19 protocols and procedures while away from campus
  7. Students are expected to follow school rules and district policies when away from the building during Open Campus/Parent Dismissal


I give my student permission to leave and return to campus during their free periods and lunch hour.

I have read and understand the  Rules Regarding Open Campus/Parent Dismissal. I also understand that when my child leaves school grounds they are no longer under the supervision of the Oyster River High School staff, and therefore I assume responsibility for my child during this time away from the school building.


Printed Parent Name

_______________________           ___________

Parent Signature                                  Date


I  agree to follow the Open Campus rules and guidelines and understand that failure to follow these rules and

guidelines will result in loss of this privilege and may result in additional disciplinary action.

__________________                    __________

Student Signature                              Date